Kenneth Raftree - lead vocals, guitar

Vincent Livolsi - drums, vocals

Charlie Alaimo - lead guitar/vocals

Charlie Alaimo - lead guitar/vocals

Scott Jackson - bass



New Jersey’s own RAFTREE is an alternative rock band that

Infuses melodic rhythms and ferocious guitars with harmonic

Vocals, creating a unique and powerful blend that demands

attention from both alternative rock and metal enthusiasts alike.


Singer/songwriter Kenneth Raftree started as most musicians

do, playing covers in high school. Influenced by everything from

Led Zeppelin to Van Halen, Kenneth eventually moved from

guitar player to singer to songwriter – playing, singing and

writing for a few local original bands before starting his own



In 2013, RAFTREE released their new single “What I Say”.  The

single, recorded by John Seymour at Media51 (Alice In Chains,

Santana) in association with George Roskos at Architekt Music

(Sevendust, Call Me No One) and mixed by Stacy O’Dell (Killcode)

was placed in rotation on numerous internet radio stations

terrestrial college radio stations, WDHA’s Home Grown Spotlight

 and WRAT’s Jersey Rock


After the addition of lead guitarist Charlie Alaimo, and drummer

Andy Roland, and bassist Ed Tuberion RAFTREE again teamed up with John Seymour and Stacy O’Dell to record their new self-titled EP which will be

released in the spring of 2016.  This fall, Raftree will be releasing their

first music video for Raftree – All The Time and performing at Bergen

PAC with KIX, Rock Carnival 10/1 at  Blue Claw Stadium and Morristown

Performing Arts Center MAYO 10/6.