Kenneth Raftree - lead vocals, guitar

Vincent Livolsi - drums, vocals

Charlie Alaimo - lead guitar/vocals

Charlie Alaimo - lead guitar/vocals

Scott Jackson - bass



The process of creating a fine tuned Rock band can be painstaking. Even more arduous a task can be leading that band to hone in and focus their collective and creative talents into one album. This was the grueling task undertaken by singer/songwriter Ken Raftree. With the bold culmination of efforts by bassist Scott Jackson and drummer Vincent Livolsi, their aptly titled debut cd "The Long Way" is an indie Rock power house.

Raftree's twelve track introductory offering plays with all the vigor, grit and energy of a live performance. From beginning till end, "The Long Way"s rhythmic melodies, raucous guitar riffs and expressive vocals, easily connect with rock and metal enthusiast's of any denomination. The albums pro sound and production puts this indie debut on par with any major release and re affirms the old adage that anything worth doing right, is worth doing the long way.